Developing & Strengthening Voluntary Action




Essex CVS is a network of the local support and development agencies across Greater Essex (often known as CVSs). Each works in their locality to ensure that the local voluntary sector gets the support needed. They work strategically and by motivating local people into old fashioned community action. They know their patch, their local groups and the issues that present the biggest challenges within their communities.

Building a better future for Essex: a PDF about ECVS is available here.


Essex CVS (ECVS) exists to enable a collaborative approach to the promotion, support, development and voice of the Voluntary Sector (VCS) within Greater Essex, whilst encouraging responsive community action for the benefit of our local communities.

Statement of Values

We will achieve this by presenting a collective voice to relevant stakeholders and by continuously working to strengthen and promote the VCS within Essex, whilst actively supporting each other.

Where relevant and feasible we will work collaboratively to progress opportunities for the sector, and share information and best practice for mutual benefit.

Building on our shared principles of equality of opportunity, cooperation and effective involvement, we will raise the profile and importance of local community action in a fair and equitable society.